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The Art of Getting By...

"The Art of Getting By" is this not a great title for a blog. I honestly can't tell you when I "met" Janet... I have to shamefully admit that I haven't been around her blog a lot.... but I plan to change that.

Reading her today, I realized what I have been missing out on. Her blog is a fun blog with her personal opinions, life, etc...

Everyone please Welcome JANET from "The Art of Getting By" to My Music Highway Project...

1) What song has truly inspired/touched you? (Name of Artist and Song please)

Ok, the first song that came to mind was the song Dogs In The Yard by Paul McCrane off of the Fame soundtrack. An unconventional choice, I know, but when I first discovered this song I was in high school. My discovery with this song fit in perfectly with the time period of my own self discovery. To me this song is all about being torn between different aspects of your personality, who you want to be and what you want to do. At the time it spoke volumes to me. In fact, it still does to this day.

Artist: Paul McCrane
Dogs In The Yard

I want to be bad
And not even care
I want to go out of my head somewhere
I want run crazy
Like the dogs in the yard
I want to cut the rope
But it's getting so much harder

I think I'll play poker
Stay out every night
Throw stones at the water
In the morning light

I want to be lazy like the dogs in the yard
Why can't I fly tonight?
Why can't I sleep all morning?
I'm going out of my mind tonight
That's where I'm going
That's where I'm going

Gonna have a good time
Before it's too late
Come on, baby, let's go uptown and celebrate
Gonna celebrate!

We're gonna run crazy
Like the dogs in the yard
We're gonna fly tonight
We're gonna sleep all morning

We're going out of our minds tonight
That's where we're going
That's where we're going

2) How did it inspire/touch/ or change you?

This is a hard question to answer because I feel like I went in to too much detail above.

3) What is one thing you wish for the future generations?

I truly hope future generations will finally be able to learn from past mistakes and grow from them. As a society, I don't think we're there yet. The mistakes themselves may change, but the outcome has remained the same.

4) What is one "Project"/ "Charity" that is dear to your heart?

I know this is going to sound bad, but unfortunately I do not know enough about charities to be able to pick one. If I chose one I would be doing so arbitrarily and I don't think that would be fair.


Janet, Thank You so much for helping with this project. I am sorry I am two weeks late with your post... but it has been well worth the wait. I much enjoyed your answers. Thanks, again!

... and the music plays on!

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