Sunday, October 15, 2006

Snoop Don Is In The House

Snoop Donnie Don is this weeks "My Music Highway Project" Special Guest...

I first met Snoop Don in my early blogging days. I found his blog very interesting. He writes about his every day life as a teacher, husband and the desires he and his wife, "Teach 99", have to give their home to a child. (BTW... if anyone deserves a child these two do) Snoop Don finds away in his writing to make one think deeply... about their life and about their faith in whatever they believe. I have enjoyed Snoop Don and his wise words and wise cracks tremendously... Oh and he is also transforming his trap... which I can relate with because I had braces for SEVEN... YES... count them... SEVEN years...

Please Welcome My Friend... Snoop Don...

1) What song has truly inspired/touched you? (Name of Artist and Song please)
It is hard for me to say. I have musical schizophrenia. An all time favorite song of mine is "Spirit of the Radio" by Rush.

2) How did it inspire/touch/ or change you?
It is a catchy song. I envision in it a journey of people or musicians fulfilling their dreams. Just as the song says in the beginning, "Begin the day with a friendly voice..." I remember the times I could start the day with that song and its peppy beats. It really is a musical adventure, ranging from rock to reggae. If you get a chance, check it out.


"The Spirit Of Radio"

Begin the day with a friendly voice
A companion unobtrusive
Plays the song that's so elusive
And the magic music makes your morning mood

Off on your way, hit the open road
There is magic at your fingers
For the Spirit ever lingers
Undemanding contact in your happy solitude

Invisible airwaves crackle with life
Bright antennae bristle with the energy
Emotional feedback on timeless wavelength
Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free

All this machinery making modern music
Can still be open hearted
Not so coldly charted
It's really just a question of your honesty, yeah
Your honesty
One likes to believe in the freedom of music
But glittering prizes and endless compromises
Shatter the illusion of integrity


For the words of the profits were written on the studio wall
Concert hall
And echoes with the sounds of salesmen

3) What is one thing you wish for the future generations?
For future generations I hope they could be independent thinkers who are able to take the good from their heritage and get rid of the bad. Self actualization.

4) What is one "Project"/ "Charity" that is dear to your heart?
For the last question, I also have schizophrenia.... I like to find a variety of ways that I can be helpful to others. Lately, I have been mulling around different aspects of codependency and its effects on life in a variety of ways.

Rush was one of the first bands I ever saw in concert. I just remember the drummer being spectacular... My favorite lyric of this song... "
Bearing a gift beyond price, almost free" ... how true and beautiful these words are. Thanks, Snoop for helping with this project!

...and the music plays on!

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