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Oooo Weee... it's the Major... Our Featured Guest

Another week and another Featured Guest... I love my job!!! Ya know, my job of getting the opportunity to design a cool little banner/logo for each of my featured guests... I love it!

This weeks guest is Major Dad 1984. I'd never dare to cross this man. Anyone that has Major in their name... I'll give them all the respect.

Major Dad brings an interesting twist to the blogging world with his photo caption contest humor, his family life, his job and his love for his country. I "met" Major Dad several months ago when I cracked up at one of his captions he left over at Sgt Hook's. Ever since then I travel on over to Major Dad's when I need a laugh or if I really want my mind to be fed with some truly wonderful writing.

Everyone Please Welcome "My Music Highway Project's" Featured Guest MAJOR DAD 1984.

1. What song has truly inspired/touched you? (Name of Artist and Song please)

Just a Closer Walk With Thee....(Many artists do it justice...but actually the one I like best is from "White Men Can't Jump's" soundtrack.

Just a Closer Walk With Thee
Author Unknown

2. How did it inspire/touch/ or change you?

I suppose that I'm one of those believers that you won't see in church on Sundays...and I like to think that I live my life as best as I can trying to keep up with the Almighty. When we had the sad job of choosing music for my grandmother's funeral I chose it for a number of she helped make me a believer...and had suffered a stroke that took her ability to walk for several years before she passed.

3. What is one thing you wish for the future generations?

I hope that we can get back on track with something I consider mostly lost in this country....and that's personal responsibility/accountability. I seem to hear something every day that leads me to believe that there's not a person in this country that's willing to fess up to mistakes/crisises/etc of their own making. As I said, I just came in from umpiring softball for adults. You would be absolutely amazed/ashamed to hear some of the comments. "Why do we play with these mush balls?" (In spite of seeing several of them jacked deep into our "ground rule home run" long grass. "Why can't they do something with this's in terrible condition?" (There's a war on boys and girls...we don't have money to have contractors clean our latrines anymore) Things like that....

Also, I'd like to see people become more responsible for their own futures. The concept that I take 15% of my before tax pay and invest it for my retirement seems somewhat arcane. People are too wrapped up in carrying the newest gadget cellphone, driving the flashiest debt makers, and the like. Live within your means....and save for your own futures.

4. What is one “Project”/ “Charity” that is dear to your heart?

Project Valour-IT: This project provides laptop computers with Internet access and adds a voice recognition package that allows our wounded servicemen and women maintain contact with friends, family and comrades in the field as they recover in places like t he National Naval Medical Center (Bethesda Naval Hospital), Brooke Army Medical Center (TX), Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (Germany), Madigan Regional Medical Center (WA), The National Naval Medical Center, Naval Hospital, Camp Pendleton (CA), and Walter Reed Army Medical Center (DC) .

I think they've gotten the price on the packages down to around $600 a laptop.

During Desert Storm, the NCO I served with during the long night shifts talked about that topic one night. If something "bad" happened to us...what could we live without? I decided that I could live without my legs, but I'd need my eyes and hands. Project Valour-IT can help those that aren't as lucky.

Thank you, Major Dad for the beautiful song, the reasoning behind that song... I have always loved that song... My granny use to sing that song while she played her organ she had in her bedroom. You have brought back some beautiful memories for me. As far as Project-Valour-IT.. it is a wonderful project and we all need to do more in supporting it! Thanks again, my friend.

...and the music plays on!

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