Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hopping Down The Bunny Trail... Featuring Humming Bunny

Another week has passed and it is time for another "My Music Highway Project" featured guest.

This week I have the pleasure of introducing to you the one and only "Humming Bunny" aka Brian from the blog Truth is Freedom. I "met" Brian several months ago after reading his beautiful poetry. I was hooked. His poetry writing has developed into short stories, tales of his past, and make believe characters... someone called Dewey Knickers I believe! :)

I have enjoyed his wit, his passion, his advice, his love for others and my list goes on. I am pleased to introduce to you "Humming Bunny" aka Brian.

Let's see, the last question first. What is one Project/Charity that is dear to your heart? Special Olympics is a program I have supported for a long time.

What is one thing you wish for the future generations? That the tribal conflicts will vanish.

What song has truly inspired/touched you? (Name of Artist and Song please) and How did it inspire /touch/ change you? One song huh? Ok, one of the triggers that propelled me into blogging is Emmylou Harris singing "Lost Unto This World". I bought the album Stumble Into Grace because I've always liked her music. I did not know this song until I heard it the first time.I hit repeat over and over again. It has become a song that I sing often.

Artist/Band: Emmylou Harris
Lyrics for Song:
Lost Unto This World
Lyrics for Album:
Stumble Into Grace

(Emmylou Harris/Danniel Lanois)

I was once some mother's darlin'
Some daddy's little girl
More precious than the ruby
More cherished than the pearl
My heart was full of mercy
And my forehead full of curl
Now I am nothing and am lost unto this world
I am lost unto this world...

They herded me like cattle
Cut me down like corn
Took me from my babies
Before they could be born
You can blame it on the famine
You can blame it on the war
You can blame it on the devil
It don't matter anymore
I am lost unto this world...

I was tortured in the desert
I was raped out on the piain
I was murdered by the high way
And my cries went up in vain
My blood is on the mountain
My blood is on the sand
My blood runs in the river
That now washes thru their hands
I am lost unto this world...

Can I get no witness this unholy tale to teil
Was God the only one there watching
And weeping as l feil
O you among the living
Will you remember me at all
Will you write my name out
With a single finger scrawl
Across a broken window
In some long forgotten wall
That goes stretching out forever
Where the tears of heaven fall
I am lost unto this world...

A very powerful song, Brian. Thank you for sharing and participating in this project!

...and the music plays on!

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